Whiteaker Cemetery ~ Benjamin Whiteaker ~ part of the Polk County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
Whiteaker, Benjamin
LAST: Whiteaker FIRST: Benjamin MID: 
BORN: Aug 1796 DIED: 2 Jul 1873 BURIED:  (Whiteaker Cemetery)
BIRTH PLACE:  North Carolina
1850 OR CENSUS - Benj. Whitiker [Whiteaker], age 55, occupation farmer, b. Virginia [sic], is enumerated with Mary, age 42, b. Virginia, David, age 25, b. Virginia, William, age 24, b. Virginia, Ellen, age 18,. b. Virginia,  Joseph, age 15, b. Virginia, Benjamin, age 12, b. Illinois, Maria, age 9, b. Illinois, Washington, age 7, b. Illinois, Mary, age 4, b. Illinois, and Baby (female), age 9 months, b. Oregon Territory.
1860 OR CENSUS - B. Whitaker [Whiteaker], age 63, occupation farmer, b. N. Carolina, is enumerated with Mary, age 53, b. Virginia, along with J. R., male, age 23, farmer, b. Virginia, Mary, age 13, b. Illinois, and G. W., male, age 7, b. Illinois.

(Source - Lang, Herbert O; Himes, George Henry, History of Willamette Valley, 1885, pg 699)
"Born in North Carolina in 1796, and removed to Virginia at an early age.  Went to Illinois in 1836, and crossed the plains to Oregon in 1848; settled in Polk County.  His occupation was farming. He married Miss Mary Hyter in 1823.  Their children numbered eleven, of whom David J., Rachel, Ellen, Benjamin, Maria and George survive".

BIOGRAPICAL (Source - Boardman, Joye, "The Descendants of Richard Whiteaker Jr. and Rachel Bentley" (Dec 1994) pg 51, via James G. Pearson):
"1836...Benjamin and his family left Virginia and moved to Lee County, Illinois, staying in this country for eleven years where three more children were born.
1848...The family left Lee County, Illinois, and crossed the plains in a covered wagon to Oregon, taking with them eight yoke of oxen, three wagons and his carpenter tools, two plows and harrow teeth that were made of inch square iron. They also took with them the family bible and a few books and some of the family relics, which they prized. The family also brought with them the staples for some months provisions, and thus equipped the pioneer, Benjamin Whitaker, and all he held dear on earth cut loose from civilization to cross the plains, which were infested with savage beasts and little less savage Indians (Ref: History of Oregon, Page 886). They found a home for themselves in the mild climate of the beautiful and rich Willamette Valley in Oregon. They arrived at Foster's Farm on October 5th and on the 11th reached Polk County and the following spring purchased the Dr. Boyle donation claim of 640 acres of choice land. The price paid was $250.00 which was less that forth cents an acre. On the property Benjamin raised his family and resided until his death in his seventy-sixth year."

PHOTOGRAPH NOTE:  The photograph of Benjamin Whiteaker, is shown courtesy of James G. Pearson.
Benjamin Whiteaker 
July 2, 1873
76 Y's & 11 M's
Branigar Survey
Saucy Survey & Photographs
1850 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., FA #121)
1860 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., Independence, FA #548)
Lang, pg 699
Boardman, pg 51
James G. Pearson