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William C. Brown Cemetery ~ Hardin F. Smith ~ part of the Polk County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Smith, Hardin F.
BORN: 19 Nov 1904 DIED: 19 Jul 1999 BURIED:  (William C. Brown Cemetery)
Name of father Samuel Thurston Smith
Maiden name of mother Rosetta (Smith) Smith Grose [d. 7 Apr 1944, interment Rose City Cemetery]
1910 OR CENSUS - Hardin F. Smith. age 5, b. Oregon, is enumerated with father Samuel T., age 59, occupation farmer, b. Oregon, and his wife of 11 years, Rozetta A., age 33, mother of 8 children 7 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Oregon, along with Norma N., age 11, b. Oregon, Elsie F., age 10, b. Oregon, G. Perry. age 9, b. Oregon, Harold R., age 6, b. Oregon, Margarette, age 2, b. Oregon, and Esta M., age 1, b. Oregon.
1930 OR CENSUS - Hardin F. Smith, age 24, single, occupation tractor driver (farm work), b. Oregon, is enumerated as a boarder in the home of Velma Smith, age 37, divorced, occupation general farm operator, b. Oregon, along with her sons Maurice, age 10, b. Oregon, and Donald, age 6, b. Oregon.  Also enumerated [as boarders] with the family are George LaFrance, age 61, widowed, occupation laborer, b. Canada, and Alice Palmer, age 19, occupation mother's helper, b. Idaho.

Smithfield was named for my Grandfather, Absalom Smith, who was born in northeastern Kentucky in 1805 in the same area where Abraham Lincoln was born (Lincoln was born in 1809). He was the son of Ira and Susan (Means) Smith.
Absalom Smith with his family crossed the plains in 1846 and took out a Donation Land Claim near what is now Smithfield, Polk Co., Oregon. His wife was Hilah (Kimsey) Smith, daughter of James Kimsey, Jr., and Hannah (McCracken) Kimsey. Four of their children were born in Howard Co., MO. Their names were Henry,. born 1836; James, born 1838; Nancy Jane, born 1842 and Thomas J., born 1845. Two of the Smith children were born at Smithfield. They are Emily, born 1849 and Samuel Thurston (my father) born Oct. 12, 1851.
Absalom Smith had three brothers and one sister who came west in 1847. Theri names were Perry, George and Doctor (his given name). Absalom [sic - Doc] was wagon master of the train that came west in 1847, but in southwest Wyoming, he fell ill with what they called camp fever and died on the west side of the river. He was buried in the middle of the road and his grave was covered with the ashes from the campfire so the Indians and animals wouldn't dig his body up.
Absalom's brother, George, had a DLC just south of McCoy,, Oregon. Perry had a land claim just south of what used to be Polk Station. Absalom's sister, Hannah, had a land claim just west of Perry Smith's land claim. She was married to Jesse [Jas.] Townsend who died on the Oregon Trail someplace. Her daughter, Martha, was the wife of W. C. Brown of early Dallas.
Absalom Smith's son, Herny, died from injuries received from an accident on the Smith DLC in 1854. James Smith married Hodac Riggs' daughter at Salt Creek, who died in 1875. Nancy Jane married Goldman Hubbard in 1858. They had 15 children and all but two were born on the Absalom Smith DLC. Thomas J. Smith, another son of Absalom, migrated to Washington in 1866 and settled near what is now Colfax, and later was a Representative and a Senator (the first ones in Whitman Co.). He was a member of the legistature when Washington was admitted in 1889.
Absalom's other daughter, Emily Frances Smith, married Jefferson Byerly. They raised six children and lived part of thier lives in Burns and Newport. Samuel Thurston Smith, my father, migrated to southeaster Washington in about 1873 and honesteaded along side of his brother, Tom. He came back to Smithfield in 1889 and traded his homestead in Washington for his sister's part of the Absalom Smith's DLC.
Samuel Thurston Smith later married Rosetta Ann Smith, daughter of Geroge C. Smith of Reicreall in 1897. Nine children were born of this couple, four boys and five girls. One of thier sons died when he was very young. The names of the children of Samuel and Rosetta Ann were Norma, Elsie, Perry, Harold, Hardin, Kenneth, Margaret, Esta and Avalyn.
The Smithfield school was started in mid-1850 and was in three different locations on the east side of the Absalom Smith DLC. The last time it was moved was to the northwest corner of the DLC, in 1887. That was when the records started to be kep at the courthouse in Dallas, The school was terminated in 1939.
The railroad was terminated in 1930. The Smith ranch at Smithfield contained 1,187 acres: all of it in the Federal Game Refude now.
Source - Smith, Hardin, "History of Smithfield, Polk County", Historically Speaking, Vol. VI, (Aug 1984), pg 28
Hardin F. Smith
1904 - 1999
Saucy Survey & Photographs
Social Security Death Index
1910 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., Rickreall, ED 248, sheet 6A) 
1930 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., SE Monmouth, ED 32, sheet 1A)
Historically Speaking, Vol. VI, pg 28

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