Smith Cemetery ~ Charles Vernon Lewis ~ part of the Polk County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
Lewis, Charles Vernon
LAST: Lewis FIRST: Charles MID: Vernon
BORN: 6 July 1881 DIED: 13 Feb 1900 BURIED:  (Smith Cemetery)
BIRTH PLACE:  Lewisville, Polk Co, Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Lewisville, Polk Co, Oregon
Name of Father: James Henry Lewis
Maiden Name of Mother: Mary M. Roberts
Airlie: Charley, the 18 year old son of Henry Lewis of Lewisville, accidently shot himself Tuesday morning with a small .22 rifle. He had the gun cocked to shoot a cat, and when taking a few steps forward on a steep incline his feet slipped from undr him and in falling the gun was discharged, the ball entering at the end of the nose and ranging upward entered the brain causing instant death. He was buried in the Smith cemetery, the funeral services being conducted by Rev McVicker.
Polk County Itemizer, Friday, February 16, 1900, 2:3

An Independence dispatch to Wednesday’s Oregonian says: This morning, Charles Lewis, son of Henry Lewis of Lewisville, was out hunting with a .22-calibre rifle. Seeing a bird, he cocked the gun and crept along the fence to a postion where he could easily shoot. In some way he stumbled and fell, the gun being discharged. The ball entered his head at the nose, and penetrating the brain, causing instant death. The accident occurred in the field of a Mr Wing. The deceased was 19 years of age.
Polk County Observer, Friday, February 16, 1900, 3:1
Charlie V.
Children of
James & Mary Lewis

[shares marker with Hattie I. Lewis]
Lewis Genealogy, PCHS
Polk County Itemizer, 16 Feb 1900, 2:3
Polk County Observer, 16 Feb 1900, 3:1
ROW: 45-7