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Smith Cemetery ~ Maria Smith ~ part of the Polk County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Smith, Maria
MAIDEN NAME: Smith AKA 1: Chamberlain AKA 2: Belieu AKA 3: 
BORN: 17 July 1830 DIED: 22 Feb 1916 BURIED: 24 Feb 1916 ~ Smith Cemetery
BIRTH PLACE:  Missouri
DEATH PLACE: Polk Co, Oregon
Father: James Smith Maiden Name of Mother: Maria Keil 1st MARRIAGE - about 1849 to John Chamberlain; divorced Donation Land Claim 4671: John Chamberlain, Marion Co; b 1814, Ireland; settled claim 30 Oct 1847; m Maria 14 Jan 1849, Polk Co, Ore; awarded cit 5 Apr 1853, Polk Co, Ore; boundary conf with --- Hart. In Jan 1865 Maria Chamberlain states she & husband are separated and he has sold his half of claim & left the county. Aff: Henry W. Evans & John Lewis. 1860 CENSUS - Maria Chamberlain (29y, b Missouri) enumerated with Jno (45y, b Ireland, occupation farmer), O.V. [Olivia V.] (10y, b Oregon), J.T. [James T.] (9y, b Oregon), J.W. [John W.] (7y, b Oregon), F.P. [Franklin P.] (5y, b Oregon), G.K. [George K.] (3y, b Oregon) & M.J. [Minerva J.] (1y, b Oregon] 2nd MARRIAGE - John Belieu & Mariah Chamberlain m 30 Apr 1867 at house of Mariah Chamberlain; Isaac Smith, JP. Wit: J.J. Bell & A.J. Gilliam 3rd MARRIAGE - M.M. Smith of Benton Co & Mariah Belieu m 26 May 1870 at house of J. Lewis; J.L. Spaulding, MG. Wit: J.C. Lewis & N.E. Spaulding 1870 CENSUS – M.M. Smith (39y, b Kentucky, occupation farmer) enumerated with Maria Smith (39y, b Missouri), J.T. Chamberlain [James T.] (19y, b Oregon, occupation blacksmith), R.E. Chamberlain [Rebecca, wife of James] (17y, b Missouri), F.P. Chamberlain [Franklin p.] (15y, b Oregon), George K. Chamberlain (13y, b Oregon), M.J. Chamberlain [Minerva J.] (11y, b Oregon), William R. Chamberlain (9y, b Oregon), L.N. Belieu [Leander] (2y, b Oregon), Jno Hanford (30y, b England, occupation farmhand), Olivia V. Hanford [wife of John, dau of Maria] (20y, b Oregon), G.B.D. Hanford (5y, b California), James T. Hanford (2y, b Oregon) & Amanda M. Hanford (3m b Mar 1870, Oregon) 1880 CENSUS – Milton Smith (50y, b Kentucky, occupation farmer) enumerated with wife Maria (49y, b Missouri), stepson George Chamberlain (23y, b Oregon), stepson Leander Belieu (12y, b Oregon) and boarder John Turkington (67y, b Ireland, widowed) 1900 CENSUS - Maria Smith (b July 1830, Missouri, mother of 8 children, 6 living at time of census) enumerated with husband of 30 years Madison Smith (b Mar 1823, Kentucky) and 4 Chamberlin grandchildren, Leander A. (b Jan 1879, Oregon), James L. (b Nov 1880, Oregon), Pearl L. (b Mar 1882, Oregon) & Annie M. (b Aug 1884, Washington) PROBATE – Maria Smith died 22 Feb 1916, Polk Co, Oregon, age 85 years; testate; heirs: Olivia V. Moore, dau, 67, of Bellingham, Wash. Heirs of deceased son James T. Chamberlain: Frank Chamberlain, grandson, 45, of Ukiah, Ore, John O. Chamberlain, grandson, 35, of Falls City, Ore, Rida Lineback, granddau, 31, of Albany, Ore, George D. Chamberlain, grandson, 29, of Falls City, Ore, Dee Chamberlain, grandson, 24, of Falls City, Ore; heirs of Ella Shrun, deceased dau of James T. Chamberlain: Vivian Shrum, gr-granddau, 21, of Hood River, Ore, Norman Shrum, gr-grandson, 19, of Prineville, Ore. John W. Chamberlain, son, 62, of Milwaukee, Ore Minerva J. Russell, dau, 56, or Cornelius, Ore Heirs of deceased son Franklin P. Chamberlain: James L. Chamberlain, grandson, 37, of Polk Co, Ore; Pearl A. Averill, granddau, 35, of Newport, Ore; Maud Frady, granddau, 33, of Peoria, Ore Heirs of deceased son George K. Chamberlain: Otis G. Chamberlain, grandson, 24, of Keath, Idaho William R. Chamberlain, son, 54, of Polk co, Ore Leander N. Belieu, son, 48, of Polk Co, Ore Will also names grandson Adrian Chamberlain, 36, of Polk Co, Ore Polk Co, Oregon, Probate Record, Vol 13, pages 145-147
OSBH DC (1916 Polk co) #27 Maria Smith, female, widowed; b 17 July 1830, MO; father James Smith (b MO); mother Keele; d 22 Feb 1916, 7 mi SW of Dallas, age 85y 7m 5d; informant Leander Bilyeu, Dallas
Maria Smith July 17, 1830 Feb. 22, 1916
OSBH DC (1916 Polk co) #27 Genealogical Material in Oregon Donation Land Claims, Vol 2, page 107 1860 OR CENSUS (Polk Co, FA#491) Polk Co, Oregon, Marriage Records, 1849-1879, pages 37, 49 1870 OR CENSUS (Benton Co, Corvallis, FA#86) 1880 OR CENSUS (Polk Co, Bridgeport, ED 106, FA#261) 1900 OR CENSUS (Polk Co, Bridgeport, ED 174, FA#45) Polk Co, Oregon, Probate Record, Vol 13, pages 145-147
ROW: 34-2  

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