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Smith Cemetery ~ Rachel Hennrietta Smith ~ part of the Polk County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Smith, Rachel Hennrietta
BORN: 12 Oct 1852 DIED: 14 Mar 1922 BURIED: 16 Mar 1922 ~ Smith Cemetery
BIRTH PLACE:  Lewisville, Polk Co., Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Dallas, Polk Co., Oregon
1870 CENSUS - Rachel Smith (17y, b Oregon) enumerated with James (67y, b West Virginia, occupation farmer), Elizabeth (57y, b Kentucky), Francis (19y, b Oregon), Mary Cherry (14y, b Oregon) and James G. Cherry (13y, b Oregon) 1900 CENSUS - Rachel H. Smith (b Oct 1852, Oregon, single) enumerated with brother Marion F. (b Nov 1850, Oregon, single) 1920 CENSUS - Rachel Smith (67y, b Oregon, single) enumerated with brothers Francis M. (69y, b Oregon, single) and James D. (80y, b Missouri, widowed) PROBATE: Rachel H. Smith of Dallas died 14 Mar 1922, age 69 years, intestate. Heirs: James D. Smith, brother, 83, of Dallas; Louisa E. McTimmonds, sister, 73, of Lebanon, Ore; Francis M. Smith, brother, 71, of Dallas. Heirs of B.F. Smith, deceased brother: Mary Leveck, dau, of Monmouth RFD; granddaus Zora Embree, Leonila Smith, Evadna Smith & Lillie Smith, all of Monmouth RFD. Heirs of George W. Smith, deceased brother: Silas M. Smith, son, of Pennewa, Wash; Dora Smith, dau, of Colfax, WAsh; George Smith, son, of Colfax, WAsh; Chauncy Smith, son, residence unknown; Clyde Smith, son, of Colfax, Wash; Dorsy Smith, son, of Colfax, Wash; Elmer Smith, son, of Pennewa, Wash; children of Herbert Smith,d eceased son, names and residences unknown; Edith Allen, dau, of Hood River, Ore. Heirs of Elza D. Smith, deceased brother: Etta Smith, dau, of Spokane, Wash; Zenas Armstrong, son of Cora Armstrong, deceased dau, of Vancouver, Wash; Laura Smith, dau, residence unknown; Elva ---, dau, of Spokane, Wash; Wilbur Smith, son, of Canada. Heirs of Cordelia C. Fudge, deceased sister: James H. Fudge, son, Rilla Smith, dau, & Lewis Fudge, son, all of Waitsburg, Wash Heirs of Eliza Rhodabarger, deceased sister: Thomas J. Gardner, son, of Salem RFD; Lincoln Gardner, son, of Dallas RFD; C.C. Gardner, son, of Salem RFD; children of George Gardner, deceased son: Wright Gardner, son, Lot Gardner, son, Alphar McSheery, dau, & Viola Ross, dau, all of Falls City, Ore Heirs of Margaret E. Cherry, deceased sister: James G. Cherry, son, of Vancouver, Wash; Mary E. Davis, dau, of Dallas, Ore Heirs of Minerva J. Long, deceased half sister: Sarah Nestenhizer, dau, of Yoncalla, Ore; John Long, son, of Yoncalla, Ore; Samuel Long, son, residence unknown; children of Clay Long, deceased son, names and residences unknown; Mary Long, dau, of Albany, Ore; Robert Long, son, of Yoncalla, Ore Heirs of John H. Smith, deceased half brother: Mary E. Rust, dau, of Boise, Idaho; Henry S. Smith, son, of Dallas, Ore; Minerva J. ---, dau, of Hillsboro, Ore; Layton Smith, son, of Independence, Ore; J. Oliver Smith, son, of Independence, Ore; Clifford Smith, son, of Falls City, Ore; Francis N. Smith, son, of Independence, Ore Heirs of Maria Smith, deceased half sister: children of Olivia Moore, deceased dau, names and residences unknown; children of James T. Chamberlain, deceased son: Frank Chamberlain, son, of Ukiah, Ore, John O. Chamberlain, son, of Falls City, Ore, Rida Lineback, dau, of Albany, Ore, George D. Chamberlain, son, of Falls City, Ore, Dee Chamberlain, son, of Falls City, Ore; children of Etta Shrum, deceased dau: Vivian Shrum, dau, of Hood River, Ore, Norman Shrum, son, of Prineville, Ore; John W. Chamberlain, son, of Portland, Ore; Minerva J> Russell, dau, of Cornelius, Ore; children of Franklin P. Chamberlain, deceased son: James L. Chamberlain, son, of Salem RFD, Pearl A. Averill, dau, of Newport, Ore, Maud Frady, dau, of Peoria, Ore; son of George K. Chamberlain, deceased son: Otis G. Chamberlain, residence unknown; W.R. Chamberlain, son, residence unknown; Leander N. Belieu, son, of Dallas RFD Polk Co, Oregon, Probate Record, Vol 15, pages 581-584
OSBH DC (Polk County 1922) #29 - Rachel Hennrietta Smith, female, single, b. 12 OCt 1852 in Lewisville, Oregon, d. 14 Mar 1922 in Dallas, Oregon at the age of 69 yrs 5 mos 2 days, name of father James Smith (b. West Virginia), maiden name of mother Elizabeth M. Wright (b. Clarke Co., Kentucky), interment Smith Cemetery 16 Mar, undertaker R.L. Chapman, informant Marion F. Smith of Dallas. 
Smith Rachel Oct. 12, 1852 Mar. 14, 1922 Sister [shares marker with [Francis] Marion Smith]
OSBH DC (Polk County 1922) #29 1870 OR CENSUS (Polk Co, Luckiamute, FA#667) 1900 OR CENSUS (Polk Co, Luckiamute, ED 176, FA#56) 1920 OR CENSUS (Polk Co, Dallas, ED 380, page 267) Polk Co, Oregon, Probate Record, Vol 15, pages 581-584
ROW: 36-4  

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