English Cemetery ~ Wincey Drucilla Rose ~ part of the Polk County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
Rose, Wincey Drucilla
LAST: Rose FIRST: Wincey MID: Drucilla
BORN: 6 Aug 1851 DIED: 12 Aug 1921 BURIED: 15 Aug 1921 (English Cemetery)
BIRTH PLACE:  Arkansas
DEATH PLACE: Dallas, Polk Co., Oregon
Name of father John Estes
Maiden name of mother Nancy Jackson
1860 OR CENSUS - Nancy Estes, age 42, b. North Carolina, is enumerated with Susan, age 11, b. Arkansas, W., female, age 8, b. Arkansas, and B. M., male, age 5, b. Oregon.
1870 OR CENSUS - Winnie [Wincey] D. Rose, age 19, b. Arkansas, is enumerated with E. C. Rose, age 32, b. Ohio, along with Josiah, age 3, b. Oregon, and Martha, age 1, b. Oregon.
1880 OR CENSUS - Wincy Rose, age 28, b. Arkansas, is enumerated with husband Elija C. Rose, age 40, occupation laborer, b. Iowa, along with children Joseph B., age 13, b. Oregon, Martha E., age 10, b. Oregon, Esther J., age 7, b. Oregon, Nellie M., age 5, b. Oregon, and Maud C., age 2 months, b. Oregon. Also enumerated with the family is Cerilda Simpson, age 18, (check marked in "deaf and dumb" column), b. Oregon, identified as sister-in-law [of Elijah].
1900 OR CENSUS -  Wincy Rose, age 47, widow, mother of 11 children 8 of whom are living at the time of the cenus, b. Arkansas, enumerated with 6 children, Joseph Rose, age 33, single, occupation drayman, b. Feb 1867 in Oregon, Lillie Rose, age 24, single, b. Jun 1875 in Oregon, Maude C. Rose, age 20, b. Mar 1880 in Oregon, Pearl L. Rose, age 17, b. Aug 1883 in Oregon, Burus E. Rose, age 15, b. Mar 1885 in Oregon, and Nancy Rose, age 9, b. Apr 1891 in Oregon, and mother Nancy Simpson, age 82, widow, mother of 10 children 8 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Feb 1816 [1818] in North Carolina
DISCREPANCY - DC gives year of birth as 1852, marker as 1851

BIOGRAPHICAL (Source "Airlie History", Historically Speaking, Vol. 10, PCHS, Aug 1992, pg 1):
 "The hotel had been crafted by Wilson Bump, in the mid- 1800's, when he combined two existing houses into one facility. Winsey Drucilla (Estes) Rose purchased the hotel shortly after the sudden death of her husband, Calvin Elijah Rose, and operated the establishment unti 1920 and her death."
Wincy Estes was born in Arkansas, August 6, 1852. She came to Oregon the next year, 1853. She was married to Elijah C. Rose in 1866. 
To this union eleven children were born, eight of whom survive: Joe of Kahlotus, Wash., Burrus of Hoskins, Pearl of Seattle, Wash, Mrs. Martha Williams of Airlie, Mrs. Esther Hastings of Airlie, Mrs. Lillie Byerley of Newport, Mrs. Maud Thrasher of Falls City and Mrs. Nan Berlin of Seattle. 
Funeral services were held in the Airlie church Monday at 11 am with Rev Pace of Monmouth officiating. Burial in Airlie cemetery. 
Monmouth Herald, Friday, 19 Aug 1921, 1:3
Wincey D. Rose
1851 - 1921
Saucy/Tolle Survey & Photographs
Branigar Survey
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ROW: 33-2