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English Cemetery ~ Sarah C. Sebring ~ part of the Polk County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Sebring, Sarah C.
MAIDEN NAME: Estes AKA 1: Faulkenberry AKA 2:  AKA 3: 
BORN: 7 Apr 1825 DIED: 16 Aug 1905 BURIED: 17 Aug 1905 ~ English Cemetery
BIRTH PLACE:  Henry Co, Tennessee
DEATH PLACE: Airlie, Polk Co, Oregon
1st MARRIAGE - Hugh Faulkenberry, circa 1841
2nd MARRIAGE - William Sebring
1860 OR CENSUS - Sarah Sebrin [Sebring], age 35, b. Tennessee, is enumerated with William, age 51, occupation farmer, b. Ohio, along with H.W., male, age 19, farmer, b. Missouri, J.W., male, age 17, b. Iowa, N.H., male, age 12, b. Oregon, M.J., female, age 14, b. Oregon, A.J. , male, b. Oregon, G.W., male, age 3, b. Oregon, J.M., male, age 1, b. Oregon, and B.F., male, age 13, b. Missouri.
1870 OR CENSUS - Sarah Sebing [Sebring], age 45, b. Tennessee, is enumerated with William, age 61, occupation farmer, b. Ohio, along with Andrew [Sebring], age 15, b. Oregon, George, [Sebring], age 13, b. Oregon, James [Sebring], age 11, b. Oregon, Sarah [Sebring], age 9, b. Oregon, Marcus [Sebring], age 6, b. Oregon, James Faulkenburg, age 18, b. Arkansas, and David Faulkenburg, age 26, b. Arkansas. 
1900 OR CENSUS - Sarrah (sic) Sebring, age 75, mother of 10 children 8 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Apr 1825 in Tennessee, is enumerated as mother-in-law in the home of H. Simpson, age 59, occupation teamster, b. Jan 1841 in Arkansas, and his wife of 39 years, Martha E., age 58, mother of 6 children 4 of whom are living at the time of the census, b. Mar 1842 in Arkansas, along with Fain A. Simpson, age 17, b. Oct 1882  in Oregon.
DLC 4957 Polk County - William Sebring b. 1809, Muskingum co, Ohio; m 4 July 1845, Oregon City, Ore, to Martha; she d May 1849; settled claim Nov 1850; m 6 June 1854 in Oregon to Sarah.
BIOGRAPHICAL: (Source - Portrait and Biographical Record of the Willamette Valley, Oregon, "Henderson Simpson", Chicago, Chapman Pub. Co., 1903, pg 735):
Mr. Simpson was married in Airlie to Miss Martha Faulkenberry, a native of Arkansas, whose father, Hugh, of Tennessee, started from Arkansas in 1853 to Oregon, and died while on the way. He was buried near the present site of Denver. Mrs. Simpson’s mother was Sarah Estes, also of Tennessee, and she ended her widowhood by becoming the wife of William Sebring, who is now deceased. He was born in Ohio and crossed the plains in 1844 and located in the Willamette valley.

BIOGRAPHICAL (Source - Tartar, Nicholas (1940), "Thomas Estes Family History", Historically Speaking, Vol. XII, pg 6 , PCHS 1998):
"...Sarah (Sallie) Estes, grandfather's eldest child (eldest daughter) married Hugh Faulkenbury in 1841, or when she was 16 years of age.  By him she had five children, all born in Arkansas.  These were Martha, born early 1842; Susan; David; Thomas and John.  The entire family arrived in Oregon with my parents in 1853, except Mr. Faulkenbury, who died on the plains.  Sometime after coming to Oregon, Sallie married William Sebring, a widower with five children.  He had previously buried two wives.  He owned a large farm adjoining the one my father bought, near the present site of Airlie, Polk County, Oregon, in 1860.  On this farm Sallie had five Sebring children.  In rotation they were: Andrew, George, James, Emily and Marcus.  They lived on this farm until 1867 or 1868 when Mr. Sebring sold the farm and moved to southern Oregon, buying a farm seven niles from Roseburg.  While there Sallie concluded to leave Mr. Sebring, saying that she could no longer endure his abusive and tyrannical treatment.  So she came back to Polk County in 1872 or 1873.  Later Mr. Sebring offered to allow her to keep the younger children and gave her $800 as a settlement.  This she accepted, but they were never divorced.  Mr. Sebring remained in Roseburg with his oldest son, Francis, until his death.
After the separation, Sallie lived in several places in Polk County, always having some of her children with her.  She was living in Airlie, occupying her own home when she died in the year of 1906, at the age of 81. She was buried in the English Cemetery near Airlie.  Two of her sons David and Thomas, died of tuberculosis when they were young men, but Martha, Susan and John lived to be more than 80 years of age.  Marcus is the only one still alive at this date, September 1939."
DISCREPANCY - year of death on marker is given as 1905, biography gives year of death as 1906.  She is not found in the Oregon Death index for either 1905 or 1906.
Polk county lost one of Oregon’s most honored pioneers in the death of Mrs. Sarah C. Sebring, at Airlie, Wednesday. Mrs. Sebring was visiting at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Bagley, when death overtook her. She died on the donation land claim taken up in 1853. 
Sarah Estes Sebring was born in Henry county, Tenn, April 7, 1825. In 1843 she was married to Hugh P. Faulkenbery and to them five children were born. Mr Faulkenbery died in June, 1853, and the widow was afterwards married to William Sebring. To this union was born six children. The surviving children are John Faulkenbery, Susan Williams, Martha Simpson, Andrew Sebring, George Sebring, James Sebring, Marcus Sebring and Emily Byerly. There are many grandchildren, among them, Phy and David Simpson. 
The deceased joined the Baptist church when sixteen years old and lived in the faith ‘till death. The funeral services were conducted by Dr E.J. Thompson of Independence Thursday. Burial was had in the English cemetery. – Independence West Side
Polk County Observer, Friday, August 25, 1905, 1:7

Airlie: Aunt Sarah Sebring died here last Wednesday, August 16th, and was buried in the English cemetery, Rev Thompson, of Independence, conducting the funeral exercises. She crossed the plains in 1853 and leaves eight children and a number of grandchildren. She was a little over 80 years old. 
Polk County Itemizer, Friday, August 25, 1905, 2:5
Sarah C. Sebring
1825 - 1905
Saucy and Tolle Survey & Photographs
1860 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., Luckiamute, FA #723)
1870 OR CENSUS (Douglas Co., Looking Glass, FA #25)
1900 OR CENSUS (Polk Co., Luckiamute, ED 176, sheet 1B)
DLC 4957 Polk Co., Oregon
PBRWV pg 735
PCI 25 Aug 1905, 1:7
Polk County Itemizer, 25 Aug 1905, 2:5
ROW: 22-3  

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